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Your home should be a place of comfort and joy, and reflective of who you are and how you live. Beauty and functionality come together when you design and decorate with intention. Creating a home that is purposeful goes beyond social media inspiration; it’s taking that inspiration and adding bits of you that makes your home uniquely yours.


You’re so close! You’re happy with most of your selections of furniture, but you need help bringing in some charm and character. With this package, I’ll help you find accent pieces, area rugs, lamps, vases and other decor objects to bring it all together. We’ll add texture and layering with throws, pillows, and greenery. E-design available.

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Room Makeover

You’re ready for a total change and can’t wait to ditch your current furniture and decor! We’re starting from scratch and with a blank slate. I’ll help you create your newly envisioned space with gorgeous and functional new pieces: furniture, textiles, lighting and decor. No room limit and E-design available.

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You’ve finally decided to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, but you feel overwhelmed with all the design firms out there and the plethora of materials and finishes. This package offers a complete makeover of the  kitchen and/or bathroom, help with selecting materials and finishes, and partnering with a contractor to help manage the project. (SoCal Only)

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Design the Home
You Love

Your home should be about you and reflect your own personality. It’s who you are, who your family is, how you live, entertain, and spend your time. It should be beautiful, calm, serene, supporting and most of all functional for how you live day to day. 

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Customer testimonials


(Phoenix, AZ)

"Connie has a great eye and attention to detail. She can instantly look at a space and envision what is needed from both appealing and functional aspects. She also has a natural way of making each space feel comfortable and relaxing. You will fall in love with the spaces she creates."


(Laguna Hills, CA)

"Cozy & Coastal did such an amazing job in my house. Loved my new room! This was perfect for my price range and blew my expectations out of the water. Well done!!"


(Dana Point, CA)

"Cozy and Coastal has made our bathroom dreams come true! The amount of detail and time to find exactly what we wanted was first class all the way! Thank you so much we will always reach out whenever we need any of our home ideas come to life!"

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